Everything we do at Custom Craftworks is guided by the simple philosophy on which our company was founded: "Treat every person with honesty, integrity and caring; provide the highest quality products; and return the good the world has given  us".


Rather than simply repeat what others had already done, we asked bodywork professionals from around the world, "How can we make the best table for you?"

Based on their input, we worked with engineers, custom furniture makers, and architects to develop a line of tables designed to exceed your expectations. We've made tables that are tremendously strong yet lightweight, whisper silent, aesthetically beautiful and easy for you to use. Our tables will be as solid and reliable 20 years from now as the day they were made.

Our ultimate satisfaction comes from making a massage table that will enhance your work each and every time you use it.

In addition to the premium quality of our products, you will appreciate access to a full range of product models, fabrics and colors to choose from. We also offer a wide selection of innovative options and accessories beyond our website display. If you would like help determining the perfect table for your needs, please call us to receive a thoughtful, professional consultation with our extremely helpful customer service team. You will be treated professionally and honestly every time you call.


Superior craftsmanship--the kind that produces a massage table that will last you a lifetime--stems from a combination of exceptional design and happy, dedicated craftspeople. At Custom Craftworks, we consider our employees a part of our family and consider it a responsibility to provide the surroundings, atmosphere and equipment to facilitate their very best work. The results are evident in the quality of the products they produce.

In addition, each and every Custom Craftworks massage table or chair is extensively inspected and tested before it leaves our factory. Other companies only spot-test, but you can be confident that the Custom Craftworks table you purchase has been carefully crafted and rigorously inspected to ensure it is all that every one of our tables is meant to be. All Custom Craftworks massage tables and portable massage chairs are covered by our warranty

ustomer Service

We are committed to providing truly exceptional, responsive customer service. Whether you need help determining a suitable table or table options, are simply seeking information or are experiencing a problem with a product, you will always be treated with respect and concern.

-Ron Tinsley          
and the Custom Craftworks team

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