Everything we do at Custom Craftworks is guided by the simple philosophy on which our company was founded: "Treat every person with honesty, integrity and caring; provide the highest quality products; and return the good the world has given us".

Founded in 1986, Custom Craftworks’ mission is to support the vital work of professional practitioners and educators in the massage, therapy, and holistic health fields by building the best quality massage tables and chairs available.

“Everyone talks about quality. We deliver it.” While many other companies strive to be first in sales and market share, our aim is to produce the finest quality products – period. Our commitment to quality reflects our desire to serve practitioners with a professional dedication to their clients. This commitment has earned our reputation for producing the finest products in the industry.

"Returning the good the world has given." One of the ways we acknowledge our success is to give some of what we earn back to others, particularly to organizations devoted to helping disadvantaged children

We take a long-term view when setting our business goals. We spent the first eight years in business reinvesting profits, planning, and laying the foundation for long-term growth. Indeed, we could have grown faster, but in order to do so we would have had to sacrifice our long-term goals for short-term profits.

Ron Tinsley, Owner of Custom Craftworks, understands what it means to be an employee, and knows that people need to find fulfillment in their jobs and be appreciated for what they do. Custom Craftworks makes a dedicated effort to treat its employees with respect and dignity – as each of us would like to be treated. We have many devoted employees, and we recognize their contribution to the success of our company. Our employees are crucial to ensuring that our quality standards are upheld. While the owner sets these standards, he maintains confidence that Custom Craftworks employees will meet or exceed them when provided the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and expertise without interference. We seek individuals with honest values, ethics, and a personal commitment to excellent quality work. Custom Craftworks employees come from many different walks of life, but all share a common vision: to produce the highest quality massage equipment on the market today.

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