All Custom Craftworks products are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with our fragile environment in mind. We use no rain forest depleting tropical hardwoods. Our wood finishes are non-toxic. Our foam contains no chlorofluorocarbons. By purchasing a Custom Craftworks massage table, you can feel good knowing you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

In addition, we donate a portion of your investment to various charitable organizations that help children and the environment.


The practice of sustainable-yield forestry is one reason beautiful birch forests continue to be home to 100 species of butterflies. Custom Craftworks uses ecologically sound plywood made from the cleanest materials. This leaves a small enough footprint that future generations can enjoy the forests.

Select birch plywood is gentle on the environment and delivers performance unmatched in any other massage therapy equipment. Custom Craftworks builds the most flex-resistant massage tables in the world, and has achieved the one of the highest dynamic load ratings. We deliver exceptional performance while protecting our environment.

We use responsibly manufactured wood from renewable sources in a product that is meant to last decades. We also offer a line of Bamboo Equipment. Bamboo grows 1/3 faster than any hardwood and provides a vital living canopy for birds and shelters other animals and plants. 

You may also be surprised to know that many of our our foam systems are made with plant based compounds such as soy, utilizing a minimal amount of peteroleum in thier production.   


We enjoy the fresh smells after an Oregon rainstorm and the gentle breezes that carry the scent of springtime blossoms. Thatís why we do everything we can to keep the air and earth clean for future generations. We choose only non-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) foam for our massage tables. This important step helps reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

And, because we want your Custom Craftworks table to perform beautifully for decades, we use only the highest quality, long-life foams. Your clients will enjoy unmatched comfort and you will breathe easier knowing weíre working to protect this place we all call home.


Breathing clean air is essential to healthy and inspired living. Thatís why Custom Craftworks has chosen environmentally friendly water-based finishes for our massage tables. Water-based finishes are much gentler on the environment than the more commonly used, solvent-based finishes, which release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere.

The luminous finish on our eastern hard-rock maple is achieved through use of a water-based lacquer specially formulated for Custom Craftworks. This remarkably tough finish is kinder to the environment and safer for our employees. And, like every aspect of a Custom Craftworks table, it is designed to perform beautifully for your entire career.

Product longevity. Gentleness toward the environment. Caring for employees. These values reflect our core commitment to pre-cycling, the thinking ahead required to be genuinely conscientious stewards of our favorite planet.


Trees are a vital source of oxygen, provide habitats for entire communities of flora and fauna, help maintain moisture in our environment and bless us with their beauty. To protect our precious natural resources, Custom Craftworks chooses premium hardwood maple and poplar harvested from sustainable-yield tree farms.

Our kiln-dried poplar perfectly suits our table frame, the most stable and flex-resistant table top on the market. These fast-growing poplars, grown in eco-tree farms and elsewhere, are an important species. They provide shelter and windbreak, remediate polluted soil and retain moisture, carbon and minerals in the topsoil.


"It is not waste until it is wasted."

This credo of our local Eugene, Oregon recycling company is one we whole-heartedly endorse. Thatís why we conscientiously recycle everything we can, from wood scraps and sawdust to foam pieces and office supplies. Many of these items are transformed into useful products like particleboard, carpet padding and fresh reams of paper.

We invested over $200,000 in a state-of-the-art computerized router. This precision tool allows us to optimize the layout before cutting so that almost every piece of plywood yields a needed part. This has produced a significant gain in yield efficiency while producing parts with extraordinary precision.

Making full use of our natural resources is our way of showing respect for all that we have been given. It is a part of our pre-cycling commitment.

nspired by Nature

Oregon, with its beautiful forests, snow-capped mountains and rugged coastal shoreline is an inspiring place to live. We draw upon this inspiration in our designs, aspiring to blend beauty and functional excellence in products that will perform better and longer than any others.

Designing for long-term performance is where our pre-cycling effort begins. This ďbig pictureĒ design perspective starts with a thorough knowledge of the needs of professional massage therapists. It demands the most stringent specifications on materials and attention to the smallest detail. Product excellence and longevity donít just happen ~ at Custom Craftworks, they are the result of design inspired by nature.

Choosing equipment that will perform beautifully for your entire career is one way to participate in pre-cycling. Our planet will be all the better for your choice.

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